Learning vocabulary can be fun

As I have promised I will show you some Studying tips in this post

Please Read and apply in your Studying


Most of the people ask me how to learn English language. They are very interested in quick and easy ways.

I always recommend them to follow my studying tips that I have learned from many study skills books and articles. So, I am going to share some of these useful tips here.

 Take up a new word each week to improve your vocabulary

There is an wisdom poem in Farsi



رهرو آن نیست گهی تند و گهی خسته رود

رهرو آن است که آهسته و پیوسته رود

Why not learn a new word every morning? For example: 'insidious'. Check out its meaning and try to keep it in your memory. Whenever an opportunity arises, say it. An opportunity will surely arise within a week. That is why you have a whole week. Slowly, it will become embedded in your mind. You are closing up on gaps in your speech. This is a quick way to improve your vocabulary. Vocabulary software can also help you . As you know there are a lot of software  such as : B15


B15 یک نرم افزار یادگیری زبان انگلیسی است که بر اساس اصول یادگیری دکتر لایتنر کار می کند . این نرم افزار که محیطی کاملا فارسی دارد را باید جزء دو سه نرم افزار مشابه در دنیا دانست که کامل ترین امکانات را در جهت مدیریت حافظه ارائه می کنند.


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