Intro-Interchange questtion Bank


Unit 5 What are you doing ?


(indicate a clock.)  What time is it?

(indicate a clock.)   Ask me about the time .

(indicate a person) Is she / her [verb] doing ?

(indicate a person) What's he / he doing ? Where / why is he / she [ verb] ing?

( indicate people ) Are they [ verb] ing ?

( indicate people )What are they doing ? Where /Why are they [verb] ing ?

Who's [ver] ing ? Where's he / she [verb] ing ( or Where are they [ verb] ing?


Unit 6 My sister works downtown?


Tell me about your family. Do you brothers or sisters? What are their names?

Do you live with your family? Where do you live?

What time do you get up on weekdays/ weekends?

Do you go to school / work by bus ?  How do you get to school / work?

Do your parents work? Do they walk to work? How do they get to work?

Tell me about your weekly routine

Ask me about my family.

Ask me about my weekly routine.


Unit 7 Does it have a view ?


Do you live in a house? what´s it like?

What rooms does it have? does it have a yard?

Tell me about your dining room. What furniture do you have? what furniture do you need?

Describe a picture of a house or room.

Tell me about your dream house.


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