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Work Smarter NOT Harder ?


Today you will learn some useful tips for improving your reading and vocabulary.

Please read this article  from  A.J. Hoge  carefully!  

Best wishes,

Habib Almasian


Is it possible to improve reading and vocabulary very quickly?

Yes, You Can Improve Very Fast

What You Must NOT Do

Do NOT read difficult articles and textbooks.  Do not.  If you read difficult articles and textbooks, your reading ability will improve very very slowly.  

Many students try to improve by reading very difficult English articles & textbooks.  They use their dictionary and take notes and study them. They may need one or more hours to read just one article. 

They think they will learn faster by studying very difficult textbooks... but they are wrong.  Totally and completely wrong.


Fun, Easy Reading Is The Best Way

There is no doubt-- to improve reading very fast, you must read easy and interesting books (not textbooks).   Yes, you must read a lot (one hour a day or more), but you should read EASY books.

This rule for reading is simple-  you should NOT need a dictionary to read and understand the book.  If you need a dictionary, its too difficult and you should find something easier.

You should understand 98%  (or more) of the words on every page. 


When you understand 98-99% of the words-- its very easy to guess the meaning of the few words you don't know.  You won't need a

3-5 Times Faster

Research shows that reading easy books will improve your reading, and vocabulary and grammar 3-5 times faster than reading difficult material.   3-5 times faster.  

What Should You Read?

What kind of novels should you read?  Any that you like:  children's', mystery, science fiction, romance, comic books, etc..   All are fine.

When you do this 1 hour every day-- you are amazed. You improve super-fast.   

I guarantee you will improve much faster than students who read difficult textbooks. 

So relax, find some easy and interesting books-- and read.

Good luck with your English learning!

Take care,

A.J. Hoge
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