Shopping in English Language

در این پست به برخی از اصطلات و جملات معمول و پر کاربرد در زمینه "خرید کردن" می پردازیم.



Word List

Shop Assistant

Can I help you?                                                                   

What can I do for you?                                                                  

Are you being served ?

Sorry, we don't sell stamps.

Anything  else?

It's on offer.

Buy two for the price of one.

How much / many would you like?

What size do you take?

Sorry, we are out of bread.

Would you like to try it on?

The fitting room is over there.

The dress suits you very well.

Pay at the cash desk / till, please.

I'll take this to the cash desk / till for you.

Here you are. / Here you go.

You're welcome.

That's 20 Euros/euro altogether.

Here's your change.


I need...

I'd like a bottle of milk, please.

Have you got souvenirs?

Do you sell stamps?

Where can I buy post cards?

Where can I get a film for my camera?

Where can I find newspapers?

Are these bottles returnable?

It doesn't fit me.

It doesn't suit me.

I don't like it.

It's too small / big / wide / tight / expensive.

I'm size...

Have you got this in another size / colour?

May I try this on, please?

Where can I try this on, please?

How much is it?

That's all.

Where is the cash desk / till?

Could I get a receipt, please?

Could I get a (plastic) bag, please?

(I'm afraid/ sorry) I don't have any change.

Do you accept credit cards?



خرید کردن



Shop Assistant

خدمت کردن


چیز دیگری هم می خواهید؟

Anything else

پیشنهاد یا سفارش


( در مورد کالا و جنس) موجود نیست

Out of


Try on

در مجموع/ روی هم رفته

/ 3 نظر / 11 بازدید
هادی ضعیفی

very interesting and useful subject

happy birthday Mr.Almasian[گل][گل][گل][لبخند][لبخند][لبخند][هورا][هورا][هورا]


سلام عالی بود فقط اگه لطف کنید و در مورد تخفیف گرفتن و فروش ویژه هم لغت و جمله بزارید فوق العاده است [تایید]