Why learn English


Why learn English?

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Learning to speak English well may be the best thing you can do to improve your life.

That's right. Do you think it would be fun to have access to information that other people can't get? Talk and write letters to interesting people that otherscareer, leaving others miles behind? can't communicate with? Impress people around you whenever you opened your mouth? Make big jumps in your life You can get all this if you speak English well.

Get access to knowledge

What are you interested in? Is it science? Music? Computers? Health? Business? Sports? Today's media - such as the Internet, television, and the press - give you almost unlimited access to knowledge about your favorite subjects. After all, we live in the information age, don't we?

There's only one problem. Most of this knowledge is in English.

Here are some examples of knowledge you can use if you know English: Most pages on the Web. That's over a billion (1,000,000,000) pages of information! It's amazing that learning just one language gives you access to almost all knowledge on the Internet.

The press. Only English-language magazines and newspapers can be bought in every part of the world. You don't have to search for Time, Newsweek, or the International Herald Tribune! Science. English is the key to the world of science. In 1997, 95% of the articles in the Science Citation Index were written in English. Only about 50% of them were from English-speaking countries like the USA or Britain.



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سلام . وبلاگي جالبي داريد . من هم مثل شما يك وبلاگ آموزش زبان ايجاد كردم و قصد دارم در وبلاگم 14 تا لينك مرتبط بذارم لذا تمايل دارم با شما تبادل لينك كنيم . در صورتي كه موافق هستيد لطفاً در وبلاگم پيام بذاريد تا براي تبادل لينك اقدام كنم. با تشكر و اميد موفقيت شما.


سلام جملاتی که اینگونه آغاز میشوند چه معنی میدند؟i will be.... و i will walked

دانستنیهای روانشناسی

با عرض سلام و خسته نباشید خدمت شما دوستان گرامی : وبلاگ دانستنیهای روانشناسی با موضوع " راه کارهای حل تعارضات خانوادگی " به روز شد . از شما دعوت میشود با حضور سرسبز خود و ذکر نظرات سازندتون بنده رو در ارائه بهتر مطالب یاری کنید. با امید ارتباط بیشتر و پایدارتر[گل]