Poems About New Year


    Happiness Depends on More than Years

    Happiness depends on more than years.
    All one's moments gather to a wave
    Passing in a rolling swell of tears,
    Passions too immense to name or save.
    Yet New Year's is a crest on which to sing,
    Now poised between the future and the past.
    Each awaits what course the fates may bring,
    Winds that never touch the things that last.
    Years turn and turn with an hypnotic grace
    Even as the depths of life lie still.
    Although above one cannot silence face,
    Remember that below the divers will.

    New Years Are a Chance for a Beginning

    New years are a chance for a beginning
    Even when there hasn't been an end.
    Wheels turn in an interminable bend,
    Yet, marked in one spot, seem to wobble spinning.
    Each year we hope to do a little better
    Although we know that really nothing's changed.
    Reason thinks that everything's arranged,
    So we must dream if we would fate unfetter. 


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