What is fluency?


Let`s  talk a little about fluency.  


What is fluency?   Fluency is the ability to speak (and understand) English quickly and easily... WITHOUT translation.   In fact, you speak and understand instantly.   

Fluency is your goal.

There Is Only One Way To Get Fluency

The research is clear-- there is only ONE way to get fluency.  You must have a lot of understandable repetitive listening.  That is the ONLY way. 


Both of those words are important-- Understandable and Repetitive. 
If you don't understand, you learn nothing.  You will not improve. 

Understanding is Only Half The Formula

Understanding is not enough.  You must also have a lot of repetition.  If you hear a new word only once, you will soon forget it.   

You must hear new words and new grammar many many times before you 
will understand them instantly. 

That's why you must listen to the Mini-Stories, the Vocab Lessons, 
The Point-of-View Stories, and the Audio articles many times. 


You should listen to every lesson at least 30 times.   

After 6-8 months, your speaking is faster and better. It happens automatically.   You don't need to think.  

Good luck

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با سلام وبلاگ تخصصی هواشناسی در خدمت شما دوست عزیز


با سلام وبلاگ تخصصی هواشناسی نیشابور در خدمت شما دوست عزیز


I have anather problem.I speak fast and fluent but durind the speak I forget very important word which is necessory for expresing the idea-what should I do for being absent-minded?